Mangipudi Kameswara Rao

Sanskrit Lecturer & All India Radio Artist

Helping you learn to chant Bhagavadgita in it’s original form.

Hi, Mr. M K Rao, Radio and Voice Over Artisit in Telugu, English languages. Given a chance, he can take up projects in other languages also.

His Story

Shri Mangipudi Kameswara Rao, is a humble, gentle and devotional person. He is gifted with wonderful voice and he is the blessed human by Lord Saraswati herself.

Having been born into a humble family in the sacred shored of River Godavari, he learned Sanskrit from tender age and joined as a lecturer in Intermediate colleges. He is having an experience of more than 30 years in teaching Sanskrit.

As well he is a Radio Artist in All India Radio for more than 25 years. He taught Bhagavadgita to aspiring students around him for few years also.

His Values & Beliefs

Leading simple and content life.

He believes in there is much more in life than running behind money, name and fame. Having known this fact, he remains content all the time. Thus he leads and simple and happy life.

Helping others is his second nature.

He never leaves any stone unturned to help a needy soul across.  He never says no when a person reaches out to him with a request, even if it means staying late hours.

He is more spiritual and devotional.

Having been born into a pious and orthodox family, it has become very natural for him to be more spiritual and devotional from childhood.

His Approach

His approach of teaching is very straight forward. He believes in the power of focus and dedication. He strongly believes in hard work. 

This is the reason, he himself learns believing that life is all about learning continuously and believes in improving every thing around him. He never leaves any stone un turned to give orientation to the student, before jumping deep into the subject in hand.

Featured Publications

Bhagavadgita Book Series

  • Part 1 – Introduction and pronunciation of Slokas
  • Part 2 – Meaning of Bhagavadgita Slokas, sloka by sloka.
  • Part 3 – How Bhagavadgita is relevant Today?.

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