What BhagavadGita says about life?

It is more than okay buddy!

The Bhagavad Gita has something to offer to every generation, every age group, and every mindset. Children between the ages of 6–12 years, with their fresh mindset, have the ability to absorb much more than even adults.

This is also the reason why the old practice of Gurukul education system has the study of Gita imbibed in its curriculum.

Many kinds of research done in this field suggest that the child’s brain is capable of developing linguistic, memory, creativity, inference, concentration and excellent listening skills.https://medium.com/@artoflivingglobal/right-age-to-read-bhagwad-gita-dfa0832b3973

So it may seem that these philosophical talks were exchanged between elderly people, and therefore are not meant for young people.

But this is not true. Although Shree Krishna and Arjuna were elderly during the discourse of the Bhagavad Gita, yet the contents of the Bhagavad Gita are purely spiritual and transcend all barriers of space and time.

Such spiritual talks are relevant at any place, at any time and between people of any age group.https://qr.ae/TWhMou

Age is for the body. Of the soul who knows when it is ready to emerge?!

Best is to be acquainted with Gita whenever you can. To be familiar with it is preparatory work.

The true aspiration and sadhana can emerge later. Then the familiarity would make it easier to absorb the essence.

After all, a Meera caught the flame of devotion when she was 6–7(?) years old.

A devotion that could beckon Sri Krishna with a song! https://qr.ae/TWhMoq

Where there is fire, there is heat and light.  In other words, you cannot separate fire from heat and light.

Similarly, there is something about the eternal living entity that is inseparable from the living entity.  This inseparable truth about the living entity is the primary subject matter of the Gita.

Therefore, it applies to all living entities, not just humans.  I would refer to the Gita as the Science of Self Realization.  It is a science, and not a matter of faith.

Anyone who follows the teachings of the Gita will come to the same resultant state of knowledge.  Since it is a repeatable process, therefore it is science. https://qr.ae/TWhMP4