What BhagavadGita says about life?

Answer to your question -As you wish

Now there will be a lot of people who will disagree with me, well it’s fine. But according to me, Gita is not like the bible or the Quran. It is the words of Krishna, I ‘ll appreciate if you say the wisdom of Krishna.

Its an ideology, way of life that’s it. Bhagwat Gita contains all the wisdom from Vedas and Upanishad and it also states dharma is not rigid as iron but it’s flexible as water.https://qr.ae/TWhMtY

You can read Gita in a day, you can read Gita at night.

You can read it at home, you can read it traveling, you can read it sta ding, sitting or reclining.

None of the formalities are going to change anything in Gita. How you read may change a bit on how fast or deep you understand.  Some people understand what they read in the morning better, some at night.

The most important thing is to read it with a completely open mind. It will put you in awe, and raise the faith by itself. Does not matter when you start, once you start getting it you will be reading it 24 *7, will not drop it.

Day or night. No matter what position you start with, it will make you sit straight when you get it. https://qr.ae/TWhMnD

Hare Krishna!

The moment you have thought of reading Bhagavadgita that was the best time and decision of your life…

for reading it on a daily basis you should choose morning time or else according to your convenience you can read… But morning time (Brahma muhurta – 4 to 6) is considered best…

But the most important thing is the source from which you are going to read the Bhagavadgita…because there are so many gitas available in the market written by various people according to their own ways or understanding… https://qr.ae/TWhMrN

Yes. You may. Night or daytime, dusk or dawn or midnight, matter little to reading, reciting, or studying Shrimad Bhagawad Gita. There is no stricture about its reading.

It is a holy book and its contents bring purity and holiness to anything, any place, and any time in the world!

It sets the process of emancipation of bondage to lust and greed, anger and self-pity, and many drawbacks of human beings.https://qr.ae/TWhMrg

I started reading the Bhagwad Geeta when I was struggling and depressed after my Class 12th and what career path to take. All doors seemed to be closing down upon me at that time.

Then I picked up the Gita – a very bad time to do that, in my view.

It started to push me towards things which I didn’t feel comfortable to do at that point in time, and I don’t regret having stopped reading it then.

I did finish it later on and it is a great text to soothe our troubled minds.https://qr.ae/TWhMyn