What BhagavadGita says about life?

The things that a common Indian tells about reading any spiritual book aren’t actually the rules of reading those books but they are just a false perception created by the religious mindsets.

It’s like a blind-belief that we should be pure while reading any religious content (as like people do while praying).

The reason behind the common saying of maintaining an environment is only to maintain sanity so that you can concentrate on the book very well.https://qr.ae/TWhMpn

Yes, there is no harm in it.

I believe ‘Respect’ kind of increases concentration in the book.

I meditate before I read so that I can grasp it fully. So if we are mentally alert and focused then we can read in any position. https://qr.ae/TWhMpw

Yes, You Can.

The good thing about Indian/Hindu Scriptures is that there are no requirements of specific environments/postures to read them.
The content of the text itself is sufficient to draw your focus and sidelining the effects of environment/postures in which it is read.https://qr.ae/TWhMpS

You can read Geeta on a sleeping bed, there is no sin in doing that, as far as you are reading it to know what’s in it.

But when Parayana or Paripaath is concerned, you should be in a proper posture and on a proper place while reading it just to respects and reciprocate the holiness of the book.

Bhagavad Gita is nothing but teachings about living life in a disciplined manner. Geeta is mostly read to know the secrets of life. The way people decode it depends upon an individual’s personality. https://qr.ae/TWhMIr